11 January 2012

Refused are NOT f***ing dead - they're back and touring!

Hell to the yes. Refused are confirmed to be back in the game and returning to the tour scene. No news of albums yet, but they are down for Coachella, Monster Bash, Groez, and Way Out West Festivals and it's looking likely they'll do a few European headline tours too.

It's been 14 years since they last rocked our world and no one has come near them as far as unique and progressive hardcore is concerned (although you might want to check out the latest UK's Last Witness and Century releases if you're after distraction while you're waiting). Don't be thinking that they were lazy in their time off, though... Kristofer has his Opera Academy degree now, Jons is completing his medical studies and drummer David and vocalist Dennis have been amusing themselves over the last few years with TEXT, some solo work and The (International) Noise Conspiracy, Invasionen and AC4. They've now seen the light and know we need them back on more time, though!

"We wanna do it over, do it right. For the people who've kept the music alive through the years, but also for our own sakes.
We feel that you deserve it and we hope the feeling is mutual."

It is, guys, it is :-D

22 July 2011

First Blood

This Wednesday Agnostic Front either chose (or lucked out on) what have to be some of the best HC supports to have played the Camden Underworld in AGES.

Well worth fighting through the soggy summer rain for, UK-based Pay No Respect (who also supported Terror a few weeks ago) have a pretty classic hardcore approach but a fairly metal-at-heart guitarist with a seriously catchy groove to his fretwork which makes their tracks both comfortingly credible but also quietly catchy. Well worth checking them out live or online if you get the chance, especially if you're a fan of straight-forward hardcore with a distinctive modern twist.

San Franscico's First Blood, meanwhile, have a distinctly hardcore drummer but are otherwise up to their ears in metal influences. Thier frontman, Carl, proves he was almost wasted as Terror's bassist, as he's a frankly incredible vocalist with an almighty stage presence. You can practically feel the 200% force behind the raw throaty shouts and his striding and constant snapping arm movements make you feel as though you're being put through your paces at a military bootcamp more than just watching a show! And all this after subjecting us to an almost complete recording of We Are The World before they walked on stage. Ha!

A little sample of what they can be like live can be found here... Feel the power.

01 July 2011

Sonisphere stage times.

It's happening people! Sonisphere's nearing now and the stage times are out!

Find them on Metal Hammer's website for a nicely printable format. Stuff packing the suncream, hell, you'd rather be burnt than miss a band due to unpredicted clashes ;-)

Now...who to see...

20 June 2011

Two very solid new Chimaira tracks

Just a quick one to say that my favourite Ohio-born metallers Chimaira have released two new songs from their new album, Age Of Hell, and they are both sounding pretty epic!

Trigger Finger has that classic Chimaira sound to it - less dark than some of their most recent work with a distinct air of Eyes Of A Criminal about it..

Born In Blood, meanwhile, features Whitechapel's Phil Bozeman and is heavier than deepest hell and packed with some seriously sick fretwork. One for the oldschool Pantera lovers, me thinks..

Check them out - the album's out 16th August.

18 June 2011

Converge FOREVER

Converge have to be one of the greatest bands live - ever. And what's sickening is how they just seem to get better every year you see them. This week's show at the O2 Islington in London was so good it's almost cruel. I could only find a couple of videos of Converge's tracks on YouTube (health warning: do not watch THIS if you're scared of heights) so please ping me if you find or have any more so I can worship them, relive the memories again - and also add them to the Blog / favourite them on my Channel. Thanks muchly!

It's always curious to see who dare support this lot, so I'm not sure what they were thinking adding 33 to the bill...(think a shockingly dated dual vocal act with a bored-looking guitarist and seriously below-average drummer...kill us now) but I owe them a huge thanks for introducing me to Pettybone! If you, like me, haven't heard this fabulously furious all-girl band before, do see if you can hunt them down with me at either the Relentless Garage on the 6th July or The Unicorn in Camden on the 3rd. You might recognise their rather impressive drumming talent from performances in Camden with Invasion .

13 June 2011

A Monday morning Gorod binge

I know they've been around a while, but it's been a particularly gloomy Monday morning here at Digital Towers and so I've been wading through some old playlists to help lift the mood a bit.

After the cheery little discovery that everyone's favourite black metal Vegan Chef has posted his second episode: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jy2my_diH6A (oh, go on, it makes you grin too!)

...and the rather less cheery video reminder that I missed Times Of Grace play Download this weekend: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJk05ev0O98
(Mental Note: See all rock festivals regardless of the bad line-up, if nothing else just to catch the one or two bands you want to see..)

...eventually drowned my sorrows in a dedicated Gorod binge on Grooveshark.
And - GOD DAMN - I'd forgotten how groovy they are! Debut album Neurotripsicks was already pretty awesome but Splinters Of Life is just stunning. Clever, heavy, catchy...it's kind of got it all...witness THIS

Oh, and for the fact fiends: Yes, this is the self same French Tech Death Metal five-piece who've been going since 1997 but were originally called Gorgasm and needed to change their name in order not to clash with a US band.

27 May 2011

Heard or seen Mayshewill yet?

If not - hunt them down now now now!!!
I confess I hadn't heard a note until I went down to review Earthtone9 at the Garage last week and to think I might not have discovered them at all is practically criminal.
OK, yes, I am slightly over-excited but when I tell you that they are everything you could want of an atmospheric vocal-free and movie sample-full young metal band, I'm not exaggerating, I promise.

Somewhat left of center and cult in their influences and achingly tight on stage, they're as fresh as it comes - and home town Leicester should really be proud. OK, so they don't tend to interact or even notice the audience much when they play but their sound speaks for itself and captures you in a way that The Ocean and Pink Floyd fans would kill for...that is as long as you can cope with a lack of vocals and the selective use of electronic samples and film references every now and then.
Best of all, their songs are simply stunning. They have a knack of writing cascading melodies and exhilarating metal crescendos that is sickening for their age, and when they played the Garage there were few among us beardy (ok, not me - I'm a girl), heavy-loving folk (yes, me) that didn't stop chatting and pause from ordering beer to raise an eyebrow, become suddenly entranced and routed to the spot.

They certainly captured the heart of the Garage that night, so all I'm asking if to see if they can offer you anywhere near the same. The videos on YouTube are probably your best bet as the moving footage and cool imagery is perfectly suited to their high-intensity emotionally-engaging sound. Try Not For Want Of Trying as a starting point and then moving onto The Paris Hilton Sex Tape for a more light-hearted break.

15 May 2011

Shai Hulud at the Purple Turtle, anyone?

Just dedicated the morning to finding out who's playing London in the new few months so I can be absolutely sure not to be on a work trip (grrr) and - behold - it turns out that US progressive hardcore bruisers Shai Hulud are down to play the Purple Turtle on June 22nd.

Awesome news, considering how intimate a venue this is and how downright aggressive (in fact, occasionally abusive if we remember the odd 'punching fans in the face' moments they've ticked off in their enthusiastic history) their gigs are. Not that I'm saying it's great to be thumped in the face - they are just mighty raw and real live and well worth the 8 quid change!!

Grab 'em HERE before word gets out.

16 April 2011

BATMAN LIVE - World Arena Tour

BATMAN LIVE - World Arena Tour | Gallery

I've abandoned this Blog for way too long as it is, so how could I possibly resist the urge to share this little discovery with the world?

Based on an original story, apparently, DC Comics promise a night of stunts, acrobatic acts and illusions and all the expected super-villains. Think The Joker, The Riddler, Catwoman, The Penguin, Two-Face and Harley Quinn all in one arena!!

Hits London this September - gotta be done.

16 November 2010


23 exclusive covers from a load of Rev hardcore bands on one album is not a bad offer! Some are a bit hi or miss, after all it's a tough call covering the likes of Quicksand, but just to own this is a bit of an obligatory mission for any dedicated HC fan. Expect to hear Ignite, SOIA, Terror and Warzone covering Youth Of Today, Gorilla Biscuits and Shai Hulud. Exciting stuff and worth shelling out the cash - especially as half goes to charity.