13 June 2011

A Monday morning Gorod binge

I know they've been around a while, but it's been a particularly gloomy Monday morning here at Digital Towers and so I've been wading through some old playlists to help lift the mood a bit.

After the cheery little discovery that everyone's favourite black metal Vegan Chef has posted his second episode: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jy2my_diH6A (oh, go on, it makes you grin too!)

...and the rather less cheery video reminder that I missed Times Of Grace play Download this weekend: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJk05ev0O98
(Mental Note: See all rock festivals regardless of the bad line-up, if nothing else just to catch the one or two bands you want to see..)

...eventually drowned my sorrows in a dedicated Gorod binge on Grooveshark.
And - GOD DAMN - I'd forgotten how groovy they are! Debut album Neurotripsicks was already pretty awesome but Splinters Of Life is just stunning. Clever, heavy, catchy...it's kind of got it all...witness THIS

Oh, and for the fact fiends: Yes, this is the self same French Tech Death Metal five-piece who've been going since 1997 but were originally called Gorgasm and needed to change their name in order not to clash with a US band.

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