27 May 2011

Heard or seen Mayshewill yet?

If not - hunt them down now now now!!!
I confess I hadn't heard a note until I went down to review Earthtone9 at the Garage last week and to think I might not have discovered them at all is practically criminal.
OK, yes, I am slightly over-excited but when I tell you that they are everything you could want of an atmospheric vocal-free and movie sample-full young metal band, I'm not exaggerating, I promise.

Somewhat left of center and cult in their influences and achingly tight on stage, they're as fresh as it comes - and home town Leicester should really be proud. OK, so they don't tend to interact or even notice the audience much when they play but their sound speaks for itself and captures you in a way that The Ocean and Pink Floyd fans would kill for...that is as long as you can cope with a lack of vocals and the selective use of electronic samples and film references every now and then.
Best of all, their songs are simply stunning. They have a knack of writing cascading melodies and exhilarating metal crescendos that is sickening for their age, and when they played the Garage there were few among us beardy (ok, not me - I'm a girl), heavy-loving folk (yes, me) that didn't stop chatting and pause from ordering beer to raise an eyebrow, become suddenly entranced and routed to the spot.

They certainly captured the heart of the Garage that night, so all I'm asking if to see if they can offer you anywhere near the same. The videos on YouTube are probably your best bet as the moving footage and cool imagery is perfectly suited to their high-intensity emotionally-engaging sound. Try Not For Want Of Trying as a starting point and then moving onto The Paris Hilton Sex Tape for a more light-hearted break.

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